5 Important things you should know about Cabin Street

It’s been just about three years since the inception of Cabin Street – and Woah, what a ride! At first, what started as just an idea quickly came to fruition. Within months, we were up and running, and then we had to find our customers in this great province. Growing takes time, we needed to build our brand and hone in on our niche. From the start, we focused on who we believed our customers would be proud to support. Manitoba has shown us the most incredible amount of support and we are inspired every day! We want to represent the best of Manitoba through clothing and high-quality accessories.

As a small local start-up business, we have made more mistakes than we would like to admit but we are here loving every moment of this journey and couldn’t do it without your support. From the quiet moments of us dreaming up this brand in a coffee shop to getting our first sale, we wouldn’t change it for the world. Manitobans are incredible, thank you for checking out our local Manitoba clothing business.

What you should know about Cabin Street:

We design everything.

Cabin Street’s success is rooted in hard work and a deep love for Manitoba. Every piece has been designed in-house by our founders, we spend countless hours creating original designs that not only our customers will love, but are truly a representation of our brand. When you purchase a piece from us, take pride in knowing that it’s truly unique. All our creative work is done with the utmost care and integrity.

Made in Canada or imported – Always sustainable.

We put a lot of time and consideration into the selection of our garments. We are pleased to say that about 50% of our products are made in Canada. For the remaining products, it simply isn’t possible to source 100% of our raw garments within our borders. We work with several North American manufacturers with global factories. All garments are sustainable and ethically produced. This will always be our commitment and stand behind our sourcing or products. If you have any questions about our products please reach out at [email protected].

Our photos are real, never a mock-up.

As a small business, we sell a majority of our products without our customers seeing the physical product. We love that we are able to reach a large audience virtually. This comes with its own set of challenges, our online store, and social media has become the most invaluable tool for businesses. With that, we strive to showcase our products as accurately as possible! All product photos are actually photos of the garments and are colour adjusted so that they are as close to the actual product as possible. This creates extra work for us, but we are proud of our products and want you to be confident in your purchase.

Printed in Manitoba

We are so proud that all of our designs and finishing happens within Manitoba. This gives us the control to create timeless designs that are produced at the highest quality. We use several different printing techniques that each serve a unique purpose.

The collection that started it all!

The first collection that we started with is our Lake collection. We are proud to feature the best spots in Manitoba. We feature over 20 products and are always finding new and exciting areas to add to our rotation. Whether you are enjoying the sandy beaches of Grand Beach, spending time with family at Falcon Lake, Canoeing in Caddy Lake, sitting around the fire in Moose Lake, or jumping in the cool waters of West Hawk Lake. Know that our sweaters are made for you and they are made for your lake. This isn’t a limited run, not just for cabin season we will be available year-round for your lake essentials.

Thanks, Cabin Street!

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